Discharge melt pumps

Discharge melt pumps are used in the chemical process industry, and silicones, resins, fats and other aggressive substances in all conceivable forms are available for this type chemical gear pump.

discharge melt pump

Discharge melt pumps Benefits and advantages:
Optimum filling behavior through an extended inlet and optimum inlet geometry
Ideal for vacuum applications and high viscosities
Ideal for laboratory applications involving high viscosities and low inlet pressures
Low-pulsation transport
High degree of efficiency thanks to application-specific clearances
Long lifetime
Operational safety

Discharge melt pumps Application Operational Range:
Discharge pressure [bar]: Vacuum to 100
Differential pressure [bar]: to 100
Pump size: 28/28 to 70/70
Throughput [l/min]: 2.5 to 265
Temperature [°C]: -30 to 180 (higher on request)
Viscosity [mPa s]: 10,000 to 4 Mio mPa s

Discharge melt pumps technology characteristics:
For discharge pumps, high-viscosity media is discharged gently from reactors and degassing equipment at low inlet pressure, while at the same time ensuring optimum filling behavior and short resistance times.

Discharge melt pumps combine the outstanding conveying properties of polymer pumps with the stringent demands of the chemical industry, and these customisable melt gear pumps have better performance and reliability than standard melt pump for extremely wide selection of components and their materials. Discharge melt pumps are widely used for low inlet pressures and high viscosities which is innovation for lab-scale systems.

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