ZB-U Series Metering Spinning Pump

  • Theory:Metering Pump
  • Structure:Metering Pump
  • Power:Electric
  • Pressure:High Pressure
  • Certificate:CE
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Products Details

The Performance Advantage of BATTE Metering Spinning Pump (ZB-U Series):
1. Reducing stress on the extruder by means of shifting the job of building pressure to the melt pump;
2. Increasing the hourly output;
3. Removing the output variations and pressure pulsations, thus greatly improving the product quality;
4. Saving raw material by means of tighter manufacturing tolerances;
5. Improving the the dimensional accuracy during the production of sheets and profiles;
6. Optimizing the surface and optical quality during the production of films, sheets and profiles;
7. Improving the product quality with regard to homogeneity and pellet size in compounding;
8. Extending the lifetime of the upstream machinery;

Production Workflow Chart for BATTE ZB-U Series Metering Spinning Pump:
ZB-W Series Metering Spinning Pump

Melt Pump Parameter:

Max. Outlet Pressure: 700Bar

Max. Outlet Pressure: 200Bar

Max. Differential Pressure: 500Bar


Temperature: 510 Celsius degree


Packaging Details:

Items are packed in wooden cases.

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5-6 Weeks  

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