2022-03-19 What are the advantages of dual drive melt pumps?

The configuration of the melt pump in the polymer extrusion processing system can reduce the requirements for the pressure build-up and conveying capacity of the extruder, greatly improve the output and stability of the production line, and significantly reduce the temperature rise and energy consumption of the extruded material. The use of large dual-drive melt pumps for extusion in the petrochemical industry has become a trend. Compared with the single-drive melt pump, its gear teeth are in a meshing and non-contact state, and no meshing force is generated during operation, thereby effective

2021-01-20 Advantages of melt pump used in film production

When extruding films and thin-walled profiles, the use of melt pumps is very effective. Because the melt pump is used to homogenize the melt and reduce the fluctuation range of the melt pressure and flow rate conveyed by the extruder, this plays a decisive role in obtaining high-quality products, especially products with uniform thickness. Especially in the production of films and ultra-thin films, such as highly oriented films such as PET, PS, PP and PA, they are particularly sensitive to the instability of melt pressure and flow. If there is too large pulsation amplitude, or the raw material

2020-03-14 Production process of melt blown cloth

1. Polymer feed. The polymer is generally made into small spherical and granular slices, which are poured into the barrel or hopper and fed into the screw extruder. 2. Melt extrusion. At the feed end of the screw extruder, the polymer chips, additives and other necessary raw materials are fully stirred and mixed into the screw extruder, heated to melt, and finally sent to the spinneret by the metering pump through the filter. In the melt blown process, the molecular weight of polymer is reduced by the shear and thermal degradation of extruder. 3. Fiber formation. The clean melt filtered by the

2020-03-07 Don't buy a mask without melt blown

An ordinary flat face mask needs 1g melt blown cloth + 2G spunbond cloth A N95 mask, about 3-4g melt blown cloth + 4G spunbond Melt blown cloth is an important material for the production of medical surgical masks and N95 masks, which is called the heart of masks. Melt blown produced by melt pump nonwovens High speed hot air is used to draft the polymer melt fine flow extruded from the spinneret hole of die head, so as to form superfine fiber and agglomerate it on the web curtain or roller, and become nonwovens by self adhesion.

2019-12-20 Attention should be paid to the installation of melt pump equipment

When we use the melt pump equipment, we need to do some processing for the installation, so that we can ensure our use. In fact, we need to pay attention to many problems during the installation. If we do not install well, then we will also have problems in the use. We hope that we can see together to ensure our use: For the installation of melt pump equipment, the following points need to be done: 1. First of all, when we install, we need to pay attention to the choice of our site, which is an important factor before our installation. Only when we choose the right site, can our use achieve ou

2019-11-14 Melt pump process automation high price cheap

Although the melt pump does not have much precise technology, but the whole process is still automatic control, that is to say, as long as we turn on that button, it can be produced by itself. In this way, we can reduce the labor input and have enough time to do what we want, as long as someone is on duty to monitor the equipment dynamics. The cheap price of melt pump is what every users friends expect. Even if great efforts have been made in the past procurement work, it may not be able to achieve what they want. Today, we dont need you to tell us what you want in Haike melt pump factory. The

2019-09-12 How to Select High Viscosity Gear Pump

High viscosity gear pump is a kind of universal mechanical equipment with a wide range of applications. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, light industry, agriculture, civil and national defense and other sectors, and occupies an important position in the national economy. At present, in various fields of national economy, due to unreasonable selection, many high viscosity pumps are in unreasonable operation, low efficiency and waste a lot of energy. Some high viscosity pumps can not be used at all because of unreasonable selection, or th

2019-09-02 How Melt Temperature Affects the Stability of Melt Pump Operation

Because the temperature of the melt is unstable, or there is always high and low temperature, it will affect the change of the viscosity of the melt power, and the change of the viscosity of the melt power will affect the pressure of the melt pipeline. Once the pressure increases, it will affect the melt pump , resulting in the inaccuracy of the accuracy of the melt pump and other issues. Therefore, the temperature change of the melt can not be too large, nor can the phenomenon of high or low temperature occur frequently, which has a great impact on the dynamic viscosity of the melt. However,

2019-08-13 Application of New Mechanical Seal in Melt Pump Conveying System

1. The service life of the melt pump seal is greatly prolonged, and the operation safety and reliability are obviously improved. Because the seal of the melt pump is in a low temperature and clean cooling oil environment, the operating conditions are greatly improved and the service life of the seal is improved. (2) The main seal of the melt gear pump is a non-contact structure, which has limited influence on the temperature rise caused by friction, eliminates the phenomenon that the bellows lose elasticity due to excessive high temperature or the elasticity due to coking, and avoids the failu

2019-08-02 Gear modulus determines the flow rate of melt pump

s a professional manufacturer dedicated to research and development of melt pump in China, the melt pump provided by Zhengzhou Bart Company has gradually upgraded its structure and technology according to the actual production needs of market users. This article is aimed at improving the flow rate of melt pump and taking some improvement measures, as described below. The approximate flow formula of melt pump Q = 2 pi m_Z B n, where m is modulus, Z is tooth number, B is tooth width, n is speed. It can be seen from the formula that when the volume of the melt pump is constant, the contribution o