What are the advantages of dual drive melt pumps?

The configuration of the melt pump in the polymer extrusion processing system can reduce the requirements for the pressure build-up and conveying capacity of the extruder, greatly improve the output and stability of the production line, and significantly reduce the temperature rise and energy consumption of the extruded material. The use of large dual-drive melt pumps for extusion in the petrochemical industry has become a trend. Compared with the single-drive melt pump, its gear teeth are in a meshing and non-contact state, and no meshing force is generated during operation, thereby effectively reducing the possibility of fatigue damage to a single gear shaft (especially the driven shaft) due to excessive load.

In the downstream of the polymerization device of petrochemical enterprises, it is generally necessary to configure a large-scale granulation device to make the powdery raw materials obtained by polymerization into granules. In this granulation device, it is more common to use a large extruder and a special melt pump in series. The final material is pressed and transported into the underwater granulation device.

dual drive melt pump

With the increase of the geometric displacement and pressure difference of the melt pump, the radial force and torque of the gear shaft of the gear pump in plastic extrusion will increase. In production, it is not uncommon for the driven shaft to be damaged due to excessive load on the gear shaft of the melt pump.

The use of a dual-drive melt pump can better improve the above problems. It can improve the output of the melt pump. Since the gear teeth of the dual-drive melt pump are in a meshing and non-contact state, the gear shaft and the bearing are only affected by the load. The hydraulic pressure from the pressure difference between the melt inlet and outlet has no meshing force between the main and driven shafts, and at the same time reduces the input torque required on a single shaft, thus reducing gear shaft fatigue due to excessive load The possibility of damage, prolong the service life of the pump and save the production cost. In high output and large-scale petrochemical granulation units, the use of dual-drive melt pumps shows its superiority. info@battemachinery.com

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