Advantages of melt pump used in film production

When extruding films and thin-walled profiles, the use of melt pumps is very effective. Because the melt pump is used to homogenize the melt and reduce the fluctuation range of the melt pressure and flow rate conveyed by the extruder, this plays a decisive role in obtaining high-quality products, especially products with uniform thickness. Especially in the production of films and ultra-thin films, such as highly oriented films such as PET, PS, PP and PA, they are particularly sensitive to the instability of melt pressure and flow. If there is too large pulsation amplitude, or the raw material is contaminated by foreign impurities and gel particles, which reduces the quality of melt mixing and homogenization, it is actually impossible to produce high-quality oriented micro film.

zb-d melt pump

Although melt pumps have been widely used in polymer extrusion systems, the scope of application in the processing of polymers with fillers and special modified additives is limited. The dispersion of each component and the polymer's Both compatibility and corrosiveness have strict requirements. Materials with large particles or abrasive fillers and reinforcing additives cannot be processed by an extruder equipped with a melt pump, because the extender particles can easily form a plug, and the plug cannot be meshed between the teeth of the gear through the melt pump The gap, the blockage of the material plug and the abrasive wear of the teeth will quickly damage the melt pump. In addition, finely divided mineral fillers can also cause the above results, because when the compatibility of this filler with the polymer is not good, it will not be sheared in the high-speed shear zone, and it will gradually form which can damage the melt pump. The material plug.

At present, the application of melt pumps in polymer extrusion has been quite extensive. With the rapid development of the plastics industry, especially the increase in the proportion of blended materials, and the continuous improvement of the melt pump used in the extrusion system, its application fields will continue to expand and develop. Zhengzhou melt pump manufacturer consultation online:

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