Gear modulus determines the flow rate of melt pump

  s a professional manufacturer dedicated to research and development of melt pump in China, the melt pump provided by Zhengzhou Bart Company has gradually upgraded its structure and technology according to the actual production needs of market users. This article is aimed at improving the flow rate of melt pump and taking some improvement measures, as described below.

  The approximate flow formula of melt pump Q = 2 pi m_Z B n, where m is modulus, Z is tooth number, B is tooth width, n is speed. It can be seen from the formula that when the volume of the melt pump is constant, the contribution of increasing modulus to the flow rate is greater than that of increasing the number of teeth, so the melt pump usually adopts a larger modulus (1.5-4.5). In the process of transporting polymer melt by melt pump, gear pairs mesh with each other, so the instantaneous flow rate is pulsating. The degree of pulsation depends on the elastic modulus of the gear and the number of teeth. The smaller the number of teeth, the deeper the teeth, the greater the pulsation. In order to reduce the pulsation and increase the number of teeth, usually more than 16 teeth are provided by Butt Melt Pump manufacturers. This also conforms to the principle of avoiding undercutting.

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