2019-07-16 How to Reduce Vibration of Melt Metering Pump

When the melt metering pump is in use, because of the operation relationship of various parts of the machine, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of vibration. Vibration phenomenon will have a certain impact on the use of the melt metering pump, so we need to do a good job of vibration reduction, in order to ensure the normal use of the melt metering pump . So what should be done to reduce the vibration? First of all, vibration reduction can be divided into two aspects, one is active vibration reduction, the other is passive vibration reduction. The method of active vibration reduction is to i

2019-06-24 Working Principle of Torque Limiter for Melt Pump

The special structure of torque limiter for melt pump is composed of moment input shaft and output sprocket shaft, two sprockets and three circular plates. There are eight semi-circular friction pairs between sprockets and circular plates. The three ring plates rotate in one body through the middle orifice and the input shaft, and the two chains and the output sprocket axles are connected in one body through three rows of roller chains. A friction pair is added between the ring plate and the sprocket. The tightening bolt clamps the ring plate, sprocket and friction pair so that the torque tran

2019-06-17 SP system in series with extruder and

A new type of melt pump extrusion system can be formed by series combination of the melt pump and single screw extruder according to its pressurization and metering characteristics. By synthesizing the advantages of single screw extruder and melt pump, the overall performance of the system will be more perfect. The performance and application of SP system in series with extruder and melt pump are as follows: 1. The extrusion flow fluctuation of SP system is small and the extrusion product size is accurate. The extrusion product size is accurate. Precise control of extrusion volume is more nece

2019-06-10 Consideration of Melt Pump and Extruder Integration

At present, melt pump has been widely used in the field of plastic extrusion, which is indispensable for its production. It can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce production energy consumption, and create greater production benefits for users. For the integration of melt pump and extruder, the following three factors should be considered, which is the guarantee of efficient production and operation after the integration of melt pump and extruder. Consideration of power: Because the melt pump works according to the principle of volumetric conveying, the efficiency of the pump is

2019-05-30 Importance of Sealing Mode Selection for Melt Pump

The common faults of the melt pump mainly occur in the sealing, so it is very important to choose the sealing method and sealing material for the melt pump . The main sealing surface of the melt pump is between the pump body and the front and rear cover, the drive gear shaft and the inlet and outlet flange. Zhengzhou Bate Melt Pump Company provides packing and mechanical seals for melt pumps. Packing seal is a commonly used form of shaft seal of melt pump , but the selection of packing, sealing performance and structure design directly affect the sealing effect of melt pump. For the essence of

2019-04-30 Advantages of gear pump in plastic extrusion

When the gear pump in plastic extrusion is used in series with a single screw or twin screw extruder, the benefit of the whole production line can be significantly increased. The main advantages of using melt pumps are: 1. Stable output pressure - can effectively reduce the material output instability and pressure fluctuation caused by extruder parameters. 2. Improving product quality - minimizing dimension tolerance of extruded products and reducing waste and waste rate. Ordinary extruders can also produce high-precision products. 3. Increase the extrusion output-reduce the pressure requireme

2019-04-16 How to prolong the service life of high temperature melt pump

We buy the melt pump in order to meet the production and cleanliness standards. The quality, performance and service life of the equipment are related to the interests of users, so there should be no sloppy in these aspects. Under the condition of reliable quality and stable performance, we all hope that the service life of high temperature melt pump can be prolonged indefinitely, because this will benefit more. In reality, high temperature melt pump may have a series of faults, although not all, but even a little faults will lead to production decline and maintenance costs, so we should alway

2019-04-04 Characteristics of gear pump in plastic extrusion

Melt metering pump is a kind of tool used in plastic extrusion production line. It has the advantages of stability and high efficiency, so it is widely used in many fields. So what are the characteristics of the melt metering pump that can be favored by everyone? Firstly, the components of the melt pump are very simple, mainly consisting of three parts: power drive, fluid transmission and regulation control. In the process of operation, the transmission of medium is realized by clicking the drive gear. Then, in the process of conveying, by adjusting the speed of the motor, the flow rate of the

2018-03-12 Polymer melt pump applications and performance advantages

The application of polymer melt pumps in the extrusion processing industry has involved the fields of granulation, extruded sheets (sheets, films), extruded tubes, blown films, profile extrusion, continuous blow molding, etc. The processed materials are almost all thermoplastic resins involved. , thermoplastic elastomers and other polymers. In addition, the output of the melt pump has a linear relationship with the rotation speed of the gear, and the melt displacement can be accurately controlled by controlling the rotation speed of the melt pump , so the melt pump can also be used as a meteri

2018-03-12 Material Selection and Common Heat Treatment of Melt Pump Gears

Batte is a professional melt pump manufacturer in China. It has advanced processing equipment and experienced technicians to guarantee the products with high precision and no pulse. The melt pump gear provided by the melt pump manufacturer of Batt is generally made of alloy steel or stainless steel, such as Cr12MoV, W18Cr4V and W9Cr4V2. There are three common methods for heat treatment of melt pump gears: 1. Gear surface hardening treatment such as nitriding: The process advantage is that it has very good torque transmission characteristics and is not easy to break at high load; its disadvanta