Chemical Pumps

Chemical Pumps are high precision gear pump for conveying low to medium viscosity fluids, and for safe, relaible metering tasks, and food industry, such as conveying butter, margarine or vegetable oils.

chemical pumps

Chemical Pumps applications:
Chemical gear pump for conveying and metering of fluids with low medium viscosity. The application range goes from classic transfer and metering tasks in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries up to the conveyance of monomers, oligomers and prepolymers during the production of polymers. Decades of experience in construction and an optimum selection of materials, make this type of pump suitable for even the most demanding tasks and are outstanding in their reliability and metering precision in both vacuum and high pressure applications. Typical areas of application for this type of pump are to be found in the chemical, cosmetic, food, petrochemical and polymer industries.

The Chemical Pumps series is also suitable for the food industry, e.g. for conveying butter, margarine or vegetable oils.

Chemical Pumps of this type can be supplied with or without heating.. The Batte modular construction system for friction bearings, gear and shaft seals offers a maximum of flexibility for the end customer.

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