Precision melt gear pump

Precision melt gear pump is made of stainless steel, and used for conveying and metering of fluids with medium to low viscosity. The technical features, operating parameters, applications, and other details are as follows.
precision melt gear pump
Precision melt gear pump technical features:
With or without heating (hydraulic or electric) can be chose
Modular construction system for Batte bearings, gears and shaft seals offers a maximum dimension of flexibility
For better cleaning the melt pump has different flushing connections.
An industry leading special design of this pump helps to minimize dead spots.
Heating Systems: hydraulic or electric

Precision melt gear pump materials:
Housing: stainless steel, tantalum, titanium, hastelloy
Gears: DIN 1.4112 standard, examples of optional materials include ferralium, DIN 1.4571, hastelloy, ferro titanite, and other available included coated options
Friction Bearings: NiAg (nickel-silver), zirconium oxide, silicon carbide, other materials on request
Shaft Seals: Single mechanical seal, magnetic coupling, mechanical seals of other suppliers are available as an option (with FDA approval)

Gear pumps for sale operating parameters:
Viscosity: up to 500.000 mPas
Temperature: up to 200°C
Inlet Pressure: Vacuum to max 15 bar (215 psig)
Differential Pressure: up to 120 bar (1740 psig)
Conveying Pressure: up to max. 135 bar (1958 psig)
Pump Sizes: From 22/13 to 180/180.

Precision melt gear pump applications:
Suitable for even the toughest of tasks and impresses with its reliability and metering accuracy in the vacuum as well as high-pressure applications
Used for cosmetic and food industries e.g. for conveying butter, margarine or vegetable oils.

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