2014-03-03 How to control the melt pump of Batte quality and security?

About Our product quality assurance: first, in the selection of raw materials, we will use high-quality materials, to prevent shoddy phenomenon; Second, on the production line, we have strict quality control system checks, and have someone

2014-03-01 How does melt pump booster?

The melt pump, the pump outlet when the melt resistance of the mold material produced by the melt gear pump like a piston cylinder barrel, the melt is applied to the discharge zone squeezing action to achieve melt pump booster function. Mea

2014-02-27 Which melt pump the most economical?

Plastic extrusion pump into the economy, standard, non-pulsating type, enhanced and high-temperature high-pressure type. Standard is the most economical. Nitride surface melt pump selection criteria, such as domestic production process usua

2014-02-26 How does Batte polyester melt pump like?

Polyester production line installation company after the polyester melt pump outlet pressure to stabilize fluctuations in extrusion, melt pump to make polyester uniform extruded polyester media as possible, polyester melt pump the medium ca

2014-02-24 Which problems can Batte hot melt pump cope with?

Batte hot melt glue pump has the following advantages: the heat pump outlet melt glue, hot glue melt pump enables the production of stable film and sheet extrusion, hot melt glue pump stabilizing effect can be reduced by 2 to the variable t

2014-02-24 what are flow Characteristics of Batte melt pump?

Terms related to the melt pump flow * Theoretical displacement theoretical flow * Instantaneous flow actual flow Theoretical displacement melt pump The melt pump discharge per revolution of the melt volume , known theoretical displacement p

2014-02-24 Why do people prefer Batte melt pump for rubber?

With the steady rubber industry , melt pump has a significant role in the rubber industry. User demand for rubber products more widely. Because rubber products generally increase like CaCO3, talc, chemical additives. Therefore particularly

2014-02-22 Why melt metering pump will be a huge welcome?

Measurement accuracy is the melt flow metering pump reproducibility accuracy is usually calculated according to the maximum flow rate. Can be adjusted within the range of the general accuracy of the metering pump metering 1%. The main facto

2014-02-22 What is the structure of the melt pump?

Melt pump than other forms of compact, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high melt efficiency. Melt gear pump has a unique advantage, and played a key role in the workflow. Mainly used in chemical, petroleum chemical fiber spinnin

2014-02-22 How does melt pump of Batte develop?

Batte melt pump company in the history of the development of rapid development has a melt pump more injection molding machines, sheet manufacturers, pipe, plastic manufacturers to provide quality services. Melt pump in the pump industry thr