what are flow Characteristics of Batte melt pump?

  Terms related to the melt pump flow

  * Theoretical displacement theoretical flow

  * Instantaneous flow actual flow

  Theoretical displacement melt pump

  The melt pump discharge per revolution of the melt volume , known theoretical displacement pump or the displacement of said pump unit is cc / r or or cm / r. Characterized generally much displacement pump specifications.

  Theoretical flow

  Ignore the influence of the leakage flow rate , a melt pump according to the calculated geometry of the unit , the flow within the theoretical amount of melt flowing through the melt pump is called pump. Generally divided into volume flow, mass flow. A melt pump speed that is obtained by multiplying the theoretical displacement volume flow , in units of cm / min or cc / min, l / min. This value is then multiplied by the density of the melt get melt mass flow rate of the pump is generally used theoretical g / min or kg / h, t / h , said said .

  Instantaneous flow

  The melt pump discharge volume of the melt of a transient , generally refers to the theoretical volume flow volume flow .

  Actual flow

  Actual flow melt pump means actually melt pump delivery capacity. Since there is always a melt pump there is a certain clearance gap , so there is a certain amount of melt pump leakage flow is always the number of the melt during transport . Therefore, the actual flow rate Q is subtracted from the theoretical flow of various leakage flow gotta get .

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