Why do people prefer Batte melt pump for rubber?


  With the steady rubber industry , melt pump has a significant role in the rubber industry. User demand for rubber products more widely. Because rubber products generally increase like CaCO3, talc, chemical additives. Therefore particularly easy to wear rubber extruder , after several years of use , will produce significant wear between the extruder screw and the internal cylinder machine , cause the gap to increase the gear pump in this case, as the production of machine head pressure, the return amount of melt increases. As a result, with respect to a new screw , the screw old production will decrease.

  At this point if you install a dedicated Bart melt gear pump for rubber , so that this problem can be improved . Because an extruder to produce a high pressure is not simply concentrate feeding and melting , used for the boost pump , so that the outlet pressure of the extruder can be reduced. The melt in the extruder at reflux reduced, the yield improved. Gear pump temperature control principle , the hardness of the shaft and the bearing , the machining accuracy of the pump affect the pump during extrusion process . With the improvement of the overall technological level of rubber processing industry , and the rise in international prices of rubber materials , people pay more attention to rubber production in some of the details . Competitive market requirements and continuously improve product quality, reduce product costs, and therefore , Bart melt pumps, gear pumps are widely used in various types of rubber extrusion process. Improve product quality , and the rubber industry continues to evolve, our companies are constantly provide quality services for a variety of businesses.

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