Ultra-high pressure extrusion pumps

Ultra-high pressure extrusion pumps can withstand all pressures. Batte is the specialist when it comes to working under pressure! The extrusion pumps types, benefits, and applications are as follows.

high pressure extrusion pump

Ultra-high pressure extrusion pumps types, benefits and applications:
Extrex RB Benefits:
Flow channels suitable for flow
Excellent self-cleaning behaviour
Low-pulsation transport even at high differential pressure
Compact design

Extrex RB Application operational range:
Outlet pressure [bar]: Up to 450
Differential pressure [bar]: Up to max. 350
Pump size: 56 to 110
Specific volume [cm3/rev]: 59 to 457
Throughput range [kg/h]: 50 to 1,000
Viscosity [Pas]: Up to 30,000
Temperature [°C]: Up to 130

Extrex UHP benefits:
Flow-optimised inlet and outlet channels
Adapted bearing load capacity – throughput ratio
Improved tooth root strength compared to the RB
Ultra-compact construction also available as a dual pump

Extrex UHP application parameters:
Outlet pressure [bar]: Up to 700
Differential pressure [bar]: Up to max. 550
Pump size: 60/30 to 120/60
Specific volume [cm3/U]: 44 to 88
Throughput range [kg/h]: 5 to 300
Viscosity [Pas]: Up to 15 000
Temperature [°C]: Up to 90

Depending on the flow channel geometry of the die head and if there are high Mooney values, low processing temperatures and high filler content, it can be of significant advantage to use a particularly robust melt pump that allows gentle handling of the medium even at extremely high counterpressures.

In this case in particular, it is important to know the quantity of medium required to lubricate the rotating pump parts. To be more specific, the backflow produced in the Ultra-high pressure extrusion pumps as a function of the counterpressure needs to be as little as possible and as much as is needed. This is only achieved through perfectly-selected clearance classes in the pump with the simultaneous selection of suitable material combinations. The extrex RB and extrex UHP models have been optimised especially for these types of application.

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