The working temperature of the melt pump

All the gears and mating surfaces of the melt pump produced by our company are finely grinded, and the clearance of assembly is strictly controlled to achieve accurate flow. The gear and the pump body use the chromium nickel alloy steel and the high temperature tool steel material according to the ZB-B series of different working conditions; the ZB-H series adopts the imported CPM tool steel or the titanium tantalum alloy material, which is quenched as a whole, the hardness is HRC62-68, and the wear resistance is good.

1. ZB-B series melt pump: working temperature: less than 400 C (750), cleaning temperature: less than 450 (850), outlet pressure less than 40MPa (6000PSI) viscosity: less than 4000Pa.s (4000000cp)

2. ZB-H series melt pump: working temperature: 510 C (950) cleaning temperature: less than 590 (1100), outlet pressure less than 70MPa (10000psi) maximum pressure difference: 50 MPa (7000psi) viscosity: less than 2000Pa.s (2000000cp)

3. seals generally use spiral seals and packing seals, and can also adopt other mechanical seals according to customer requirements.

4. drive motor + reducer + universal coupling + pump body, motor uses frequency conversion speed control, can be adjusted to the required flow, but also according to customer requirements to adopt DC speed control and servo drive form.

5. melt pump can be controlled accurately by electric heating or heat medium heating.

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