How to adjust the sealing system of the melt pump

The new melt pump is 24 h before driving for the first time, and the clearance of the packing gland is generally 9 mm (the factory has been set at the factory); the filler is added to the silicone oil bubble and the silicone oil leakage to the pump is normal. Before the preparation of the grain, the pressure control screw is used to guarantee the full discharge of the waste waste and the speed of the pressure control screw melt pump is controlled at 25 r/min. The pressure control screw rotates inward, pressure to show 0.3-0.5 MPa. When the melt pump reaches the normal production speed, seal cavity pressure will reach 0.2-0.4 MPa. Do not close, otherwise it will be affected by the bearing lubrication, long time off pump will suffer great damage. Wait for 4h, if the pressure fluctuates out of range, then adjust. After the pressure of the melt seal cavity is stable for 2D, the leakage of silicone oil is observed to ensure that the silicone oil leaks out a few drops every day. If the leakage is too large to tighten the packing gland, 4 bolts tightened to uniform. Every time can only receive 0.5 mm, each tightening time interval shall not be less than 2D.

Melt pump sealed liquid fill: ready to fill sealed liquid, the sealing liquid used should conform to the requirements of the equipment manufacturer (the use of the sealing fluid is related to the material of the cover packing, the nature of the melt, the thermal resistance and the failure resistance) to open the exhaust pipe terminal bolt before filling and close the exhaust valve. The liquid is injected into the liquid storage tank, until the liquid outflow discharge. Bolt torsion, has been injected into the visible part of the liquid level liquid storage tank top mirror. When the liquid is sealed after the start of operation, leakage may occur. The leakage of the seal system should be reduced to a minimum after several days of operation. The pressure control bolt is not allowed to exceed second marks during the operation of the pump, otherwise the bearing lubrication will be limited and the pump will be seriously damaged.

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