Effect of rubber extrusion melt pump on rubber extrusion line

With the continuous and stable development of rubber industry, the demand for rubber products is increasing. In particular, in recent years, family cars have been flying into the common people's house, which has led to the great development of EPDM ethylene propylene rubber, NBR, SBR rubber materials and products, including sealing strips, resin modification, wires, cables, tubes and plastic runways, etc. Because of the particularity of rubber processing technology, the melt pump specially used for rubber is of great significance in the production line.

The temperature control principle of gear pump, the hardness of shaft and bearing, and the machining accuracy of pump affect the process of pump in extrusion process. With the improvement of the overall technology level of rubber processing industry and the increase of international rubber raw material prices, people pay more attention to the details of rubber processing. The fierce competition requires the continuous improvement of product quality and the reduction of product cost. Therefore, the melt gear pump will be widely used in various types of rubber extrusion processes.

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