What is Melt pump applications in the plastics industry like

  In the past many years, the auxiliary plastic extrusion melt pump has been widespread attention for people in developed countries. In the last ten years, it has become the mainstream of the plastics industry . The melt pump Bart numerous applications including films, extrusion coating , sheet , granulation, extrusion profiles . These applications almost all thermoplastic resins , thermoplastic elastomers and other polymers.

  Application melt pump has the advantage of many internationally published scientific literature is full proof . Many international polymer production , processing and supply of plastic extruder famous melt pump manufacturers are one step ahead of application development , and achieved remarkable results.

  Previously, only a handful of domestic manufacturers of imported production lines with the introduction of over- melt pump . Due to the prevailing level of the overall development of the domestic plastics processing industry constraints, it did not melt pump applications given sufficient attention . Today, China's national economic development optimistic about the overall situation , the rapid development of the petrochemical industry , adequate plastic raw materials. As competition among domestic plastic processing companies increasingly fierce , people will have to have a high-quality precision extruded products required ; extrusion process requirements of energy-saving materials and equipment for processing of high yield low power requirements to give more attention, while the use of Bart melt pump technology precisely and effectively adapt to meet this demand . Zhengzhou Bart over the years melt pump company in product quality and after-sales service stringent requirements praise businesses need customers.

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