Why Batte is melt pump expert ?

  Melt Pump Co., Ltd. , Zhengzhou Bart as professional , they were concerned . We always adhere to market demand-oriented , customer-focused , quality of life , to serve as highlights , new and old customers, is Shou contract re-credit business. In good faith and practice philosophy , we sincerely welcome worldwide customers to visit us, and seek common development, create brilliant.

  Bart is located in Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone , the company mainly products are high temperature melt pump melt pump , melt gear pump , melt metering pump and a sophisticated control system , the use of a wide range of machinery and equipment in the industry, to help produce smoothly and efficiently well received . After years of research and development, Zhengzhou Bart has a very rich experience in the production aspects of the melt pump . In recent years, Zhengzhou Bart independently developed a ZB-B series standard melt pump , ZB-M Series pulseless type melt pump , ZB-H series high temperature high pressure melt pump , ZB-R series reactor pump, melt pump control and other products.

  Zhengzhou Bart products on the market has a very good reputation , it all stems from a series of advantages features Zhengzhou Bart melt pump products. For example : ZB-M pulseless series overall hardened melt pump technology , selection of high wear and corrosion resistance of high temperature alloy materials, on the basis of the standard series melt pump , the pump is designed to strengthen the parameters. And a self-lubricating system for the pump , as well as import and export channel structure optimized gear design , so that the material in a shorter residence time of the pump body , pump gears to prevent the presence of the dead , to produce higher quality products ; ZB-R series reactor pump with pressure , low flow pulsation , self-priming performance , large transport medium viscosity range and other advantages. Advantage products enable Zhengzhou Zhengzhou Bart Bart melt pump has been widely used in the chemical , grain , plastic film, sheet, plate , extrusions, pipes, wire and cable , wire drawing , composite extrusion production line , the material can be processed almost covers most of the polymer material.

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