Introduction to Temperature Control Technology of High Temperature Melt Pump

During the production process of high-temperature melt pumps, three important temperature parameters need to be monitored and controlled, namely melt temperature, pump head temperature, and melt pipeline temperature.

melt gear pump
high temperature melt gear pump

Among them, the melt temperature refers to the melt temperature before entering the melt pump, which needs to be controlled and monitored through devices such as heaters. The pump head temperature refers to the temperature near the outlet of the melt pump, which has a direct impact on product quality and production efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain its stability through equipment such as heaters.

extrusion melt gear pump
extrusion melt gear pump

Finally, the temperature of the melt pipeline refers to the temperature at the location where the melt is transmitted through the pipeline. Due to the possibility of high viscosity or high viscosity plastics causing pipeline blockage or poor production, monitoring and control are also necessary.

hot melt gear pumps in extruder
hot melt gear pumps in extruder

It should be noted that the specific temperature parameters that should be set and how to adjust them depend on various factors such as actual production needs and equipment models and configurations. Properly monitoring and controlling these three temperature parameters during the production process can effectively improve production efficiency and product quality, ensuring the stability and continuity of the production process.


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