Batte Pipe Extrusion Line Screen Changer Options

The addition of screen changers for extruded plastic products serves the following purposes.

(1) Filter out impurities in the raw material, improve the quality of the product, and at the same time reduce the loss caused by the screen change. It saves energy and reduces consumption, and at the same time increases production and reduces labor intensity.

(2) The addition of screen changer increases the back pressure of the machine head, greatly improving the plasticizing and homogenizing effect of raw materials, the product texture is more uniform, better finish, and the pressure resistance value of the products will be improved. This is also the reason for adding screen changer for new raw materials without impurities. The addition of screen changer seems to be an additional static mixer.

pipeline single plate screen changer

(3) The addition of screen changer changes the rheological behavior of the material from rotational flow to linear flow, avoiding the appearance of "winding patterns" in the product. The porous plate and screen also have a "damping" effect, so that the flow rate of the entire melt section is as consistent as possible, avoiding the phenomenon of "polymer orientation" and laminar flow, which increases the longitudinal strength of the product and decreases the transverse strength, thus affecting the quality of the product, because the melt The flow rate of the ring wall is very different from the flow rate in the middle.

(4) Add a screen changer to increase the back pressure of the head, which is conducive to the exclusion of water vapor and volatiles in the raw materials.

PVC pipe screen changer

Pipeline screen changer configuration

The screen changer for pipeline can be used to change the screen without stopping, improve the quality of the product, and not interrupt the production of the product, mainly for corrugated pipes, pp-r and other pipes.

PP-R floor heating pipe screen changer

1.Plate type quick screen changer

Screen changer+accumulator hydraulic station+control cabinet

Screen changer+accumulator hydraulic station

Steel pipe winding with pipe hydraulic screen changer

2.Double column type screen changer

Screen changer+standard hydraulic station+control cabinet

Screen changer+standard hydraulic station

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