Pump metering for extrusion

Pump metering for extrusion,used for transportation, pressurization and metering of high temperature or high viscosity plastic industry....


Metering pump

High quality meter pump for extrusion

meter pump for extrusion,The melt pump can adjust and control the amount of extrusion through the feedback by the pressure sensor,...


meter pump for extrusion,meter pump

Meter pump for extruder

which means that the output can be increased to a maximum temperature given stock, while the profiles have an excellent degree of dimensional accuracy....


Meter pump,Meter extruder pump

Melt metering gear pump

Batte Melt Pump Zhengzhou Co. , Ltd. is one of largest manufacturer of melt metering gear pump....


Melt metering pump,metering gear pump,metering pump

ZB-U Series Metering Spinning Pump

The performance advantage and production workflow chart of BATTE metering spinning pump are introduced in this article....


Metering pump,Spinning Pump