Details needing attention during installation of melt pump for extrusion

Zhengzhou batte is a professional manufacturer of high-temperature gear pump in China. It provides high-performance and high-standard melt gear pump equipment. This paper introduces the matters needing attention in the installation process of melt pump for extrusion.

  1. melt pump for extrusion is installed in cold state and operates at high temperature. Therefore, the influence of thermal expansion and contraction of pipeline and pump body must be taken into account to avoid imposing additional moment on pump shaft and affecting the normal operation of pump. Therefore, when installing in cold state, the pump should have hinged support on the piping to prevent the piping displacement from being affected after heating up.

  2. After the pump body of the high temperature gear pump is heated up, the coupling must be installed after the hot alignment of the shaft, so as to avoid the uneven force on the driving shaft during operation, thus causing uneven wear and tear on the surface of the journal and causing damage.

  3. Pump outlet pipeline pressure measuring point and motor should set up interlocking stop alarm. Once the discharge pipeline is blocked, the pump will stop in time, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the pump type.

  Melt pump for extrusion is mainly used for high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt transport, pressurization, measurement, and is currently widely used in plastic, resin, rubber, chemical fiber products extrusion molding.

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