Effiency Polymer gear pump in plastics extrusion

The performance and feature of melt gear pump in the polymer processing was introduced, and the purpose and characteristic of melt gear pump for plastic and rubber extrusion waslisted.Gear pump is usually used in conjunction with single or twin screw extruders. In this paper, thegear pump and its applications in extrusion system are introduced.Melt pump-assisted extrusion can be used in sheet, cast, blow and mold, it has a bright future.

Effiency Polymer gear pump in plastics extrusion Specifications

Brand Name: BATTE

Usage: Polymer Melt Gear Pump

Pressure: High Pressure

Application: transportation, pressurization or metering of polymer melt

Scope of Application: Almost all kinds of plastics, rubber,fiber

Viscosity:Up to 40000Pas

Gear Tooth:Straight (Optional),Oblique (Optional),Herringbone(Optional)

Max. Outlet Pressure: Less than 40MPa

Max. Differential Pressure: 275Bar

Sealing Method:Mechanical Sealing (Optional)

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