How does melt pump's specialty play?

  Has broad applicability to melt extruder gear pump combination obtained so that the device can be benign with a wide field of application, in fact, such a device can be a variety of different plastics processing, and produce a variety of products, especially when machining difficult materials and manufacturing precision products, it can bring out their strengths, such as due to the role of regulator melt extrusion gear pump reduces volatility, so this combination is particularly suitable for the production of high-precision equipment thin thin products, such as PET, PS, PP and PA contour oriented film, because the volatility of these materials are particularly sensitive to pressure and flow for multilayer coextruded films. This product each film are very thin, in order to reduce product cost, recycled material sandwiched between layers. So it's more difficult process, and the creation of co-extruded melt gear pump head was to provide a stable flow rate to ensure the accuracy of component layers, particularly the city to ensure the existence of adequate impermeable interlayer between agents or adhesive.

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