What is curing of the plastic film?

  The vulcanization is conducted in the storm drain air polymer surface, followed by neutralization and LIOH. After the process of vulcanization and copper, tin and chemical reduction of silver ions balance called "reductive metal." Has been reported with the use of a similar barrier thin layer of protective coating copolymer, a significant decrease in permeate through. Polystyrene and can be vulcanized to obtain an aromatic polymer electrolyte proton conducting polymer fuel cell. Lane with sulfuric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, neat or sulfur trioxide complex or acetyl sulphate can easily cure the aromatic polymer. With chlorosulfonic acid or fuming sulfuric acid curing sometimes cause chemical decomposition of the polymer. In dry conditions, the surface sulfide can produce excellent gas barrier properties, is relatively simple, and does not affect the mechanical stability of the polymer.

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