what are requirements of melt pump in the import and export?

  Melt pump further strengthening the pace out of the country, melt pump and export efforts as soon as possible, the need to increase export earnings by administrative means, such as the elimination of export business in a variety of administrative fees (commodity inspection, customs declaration, inspection, customs clearance, Write-offs and other costs);

  Second, to reduce the export of business processes, reduce export impediments; (such as determining the exemption of export products, in advance or after the declaration complement and extend the time of export tax rebates, etc.)

  Third, improve business capability and competitiveness in international markets by administrative means; (such as administrative departments to arrange high-level production management expert guidance to help enterprises solve problems encountered in the production, etc.)

  Fourth, other administrative means.

  Administrative measures with the intention of the government, so the government is good or bad depends on administrative measures the level of quality.

  Need to declare two points are: a nation is not exported as possible, to increase the added value and brand export products, export products to low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development; export is to improve the national economy and national income, not In order to export and export.

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