Where the exhibition of Batte Melt pump location?

  Date:23-26 April 2014


  China ‧ Shanghai New International Expo Center

  ( China Longyang Road , Pudong New Area , Shanghai 2345 , Zip code : 201204 )

  China was the only UFI approved Rubber Industry Exhibition

  " CHINAPLAS Chinaplas" won the Global Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI) as a " UFI Approved Event ." Currently, " CHINAPLAS Chinaplas" is China's only win of the Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition, reflecting " CHINAPLAS Chinaplas" professional level in terms of international exhibitors and visitors services, and systematic aspects of project management model , both with excellent quality.

  The only approved by the China Rubber Expo EUROMAP

  Since the beginning of 1987 , " CHINAPLAS International Rubber Exhibition" has been the European plastics and rubber industries Machinery Manufacturers Association (EUROMAP) support , as support for the show . " CHINAPLAS 2012 Chinaplas" will be the 25th consecutive EUROMAP won the exclusive sponsor of the China Rubber exhibition.

  All along , EUROMAP exhibition policy , on the one hand for the global plastics and rubber companies in the selection of influential and high-quality rubber Exhibition and a visit to provide a reliable reference index , on the other hand can also contain low quality of some of the industry show. Each year, the global rubber industry exhibition are numerous, but EUROMAP only part of the exhibition industry support , these exhibitions are among the international and high quality exhibitions , including " K Fair", " NPE exhibition ", " CHINAPLAS International Rubber Exhibition " and so on.

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